Mind Your Technology or You May Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Mind Your Technology or You May Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Law Articles | September 13, 2013

Modern gadgets are a huge part of our lives, for better or for worse. Your cell phone may cause you to slip and fall, but it will help you get in touch with a slip and fall lawyer in no time.

Over the past couple of decades, technology has gone from a cool novelty to a vital part of our everyday lives. But like everything else, it has its downsides. The constant distraction of a cell phone or other mobile tech toy has made us more dangerous behind the wheel and more dangerous to ourselves when on foot. Our gadgets can be helpful and harmful in slip and fall situations.

By now we’ve all seen at least a few YouTube videos depicting some unsuspecting girl or boy fiddling away at a cell phone, nose buried in a text message. Then, before they know what hit them, they find themselves tripping into a mall fountain, falling down steps or running into a pole. The videos are admittedly hilarious, but sometimes these people suffer real injuries that go beyond just a bruised ego.

Slip and fall accidents are responsible for taking over 15,000 lives per year. If any of these clumsy texters happened to suffer a head trauma from a fall, he or she would likely need to go to the hospital for medical attention. Normally, a call to a slip and fall lawyer would begin the process of getting the slipper some financial help. But would these people have a case?

Probably not. The security video has their distracted walking caught on camera. Unless they can somehow prove that they slipped on a food spill, puddle or some obstruction of some sort, the negligence in this case would definitely land on the texter. If attempted, this case would probably fall flat (no pun intended) in court.

Moral of the story: Watch where you’re going.

On the flip side, cell phones can come in handy if you should happen to have a legitimate reason to hire a slip and fall lawyer. Most people don’t carry a camera around every day, but almost every single person out in the western world today is carrying a cell phone. These days, even the cheapest, simplest phones available come equipped with a camera and often have video capabilities. In this case, you may have the upper hand because you can get photo and/or video evidence of the circumstances that led to your personal injury.

For example, if you slipped and fell on a broken egg in a supermarket that no one had bothered to clean up, you could take a picture of the egg, its remnants on your leg and the surrounding area. The evidence will also be marked with the time and date of the occurrence, as most phones automatically do. This way, it is your video against their word.

Your cell phone or tablet could help you out in one more way, assuming you didn’t break it in the fall. A slip and fall lawyer should be called as soon as possible, before other non-emergency actions are taken. With your gadgetFree Articles, it is easier than ever to find a contact information and reviews on several injury lawyers in your area.
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